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"Music City U.S.A"

  1. Population: 1,830,345
    Korean: about 8,000 / 0.44% (2015)

  2. Origin: found by James Robertson, John Donelson,
    and a group of overmountain men in 1779.
    City name was derived from American Revolutionary
    War hero, Francis Nash.

  3. Official Website:

  4. Feature: There are 180 music recording studio
    and 5,000 working musician.
Proverb of this week - May 13 ~ 19
Source : "Pearls of Wisdom collected by Rev. Jerry Cho"
"Before flaring up at the faults of others,
pause and count ten
of your own."

"다른 사람의 잘못에 대해 화가 난다면 화를
터뜨리기 전에 마음속으로 숫자를
열까지 세어 보십시요. 자신이 잘못한 일

- A wise person -