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내쉬빌 다운타운(Vandy Area)에서 10 ~ 15분 거리

1 bed room with wooden floor in private home

$500 per month (식비 별도)

Contact : Ms. Kang 615-356-3053

Clarksville View
클락스빌 풍경
이번달 명소(名所)
Attraction of this month - September 2018
펄시 프리스트 댐 / J. Percy Priest Dam

내쉬빌에서 가장 규모가 큰 댐.
동쪽 낙스빌 방향
I-40 출구 #219

The biggiest Dam
in Nashville located on the east
I-40 Exit 219

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$5 / month
$50 / year
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광고문의 / Contact: text4soul@gmail.com

#1 Honda Dealer in Nashville
Tom Kim

Cell: 615-971-1533
Email: tom.kim@hendrickauto.com
Website: www.darrellwaltriphonda.com

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