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2018.08.19 [ Sunday ]

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"Music City U.S.A"

Population 1,830,345 (metropolitan area)
Korean: about 8,000 / 0.44% (2015)
Origin found by James Robertson, John Donelson,
and a group of overmountain men in 1779.
City name was derived from American Revolutionary
War hero, Francis Nash.
Official Website
Nashville Korean Association
Feature: There are 180 music recording studios and
5,000 working musicians.

Proverb of this week - August 12 ~ 18
Source : "Pearls of Wisdom collected by Rev. Jerry Cho"
"The key to everything is patience.
You get the chicken by hatching the egg,
not by smashing it."

"계란을 품고 오래 기다려야 병아리가 되지,
계란을 박살낸다고 병아리가 되는 것은 아니다."

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